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William Barret


The Alamo – 1836

Perfected and modified since 1995, this was the original presentation which launched History In Person Theater. The thirteen day siege of the Alamo comes to life for audiences through the eyes of Lieutenant Colonel William Barret Travis. Audiences watch and listen as each day of the bone-chillings and riveting Alamo siege unfolds until the moment of ultimate sacrifice for the Texians when the final assault occurs on March 6, 1836. This emotional portrayal brings the drama of Texas history to life for students and adults alike. Historical slide images accompany the thirty-five minute monologue which is followed by a post-performance discussion.

A lesson activity packet accompanies this performance.

Target Grade Levels: 4 & 7

TEKS  Connection: 4 & 7 (TEKS = Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills)

Significant dates associated with this presentation:

Siege of the Alamo – February 23 to March 6

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