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An American Patriot…


On the night of April 18, 1775, a dark-eyed and stocky man of French lineage galloped into history on what perhaps might have been the most frightening night of his life — the eve just prior to the onset of the American Revolution. Today, Paul Revere is an icon in America’s history, but who was this man we so affectionately know as Paul Revere? Watch as Bill Perryman skillfully brings to life the story of Paul Revere – an American patriot. Historical slide images accompany the forty-minute program. A post-performance discussion follows the monologue.

A lesson activity packet accompanies this performance.

Target Grade Levels: 2 & 5

TEKS Connection: 2 & 5 (TEKS = Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills)

Significant Dates Associated With This Performance:

Midnight Ride – April 18th

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