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A Portrait of Honor…


Though born a Virginian, his life’s journey would lead him to places and situations unparalleled by most Americans of his day. Well known for leading the Texians to victory at the Battle of San Jacinto on  April 21, 1836, he earned a place in the annals of American history that few can surpass. From birth to death, from Virginia, to Texas, from Tennessee to the Cherokee Nation, Bill Perryman brings to life the triumphs and tragedies in the life of the legendary Sam Houston. Historical slide images accompany the forty-minute monologue followed by a post-performance discussion.

A lesson activity packet accompanies this performance.

Target Grade Levels: 4 & 7

TEKS Connection: 4 & 7 (TEKS =  Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills)

Special Dates in Texas history:

Texas Independence Day (and Sam Houston’s birthdate) – March 2nd

San Jacinto Day – April 21st

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