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Man of the Ocean

Who was Christopher Columbus? Over 500 years after his death, Christopher Columbus remains shrouded in mystery, and historians continuously find Columbus great fodder for debate! Never known to Columbus, his works marked a turning point in the world’s history. This portrayal of Christopher Columbus focuses on his four expeditions westward across the ocean from 1492 to 1504. Filled with suspense, mystery, and intrigue, this presentation brings to life the explorations of a renaissance mariner who lived in a world which is very foreign to us today. Slide images accompany the forty-minute monologue followed by a post-performance discussion.

A lesson activity packet accompanies this performance.

Target Grade Levels:  3  & 4

TEKS Connection:  3  & 4 (TEKS = Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills)

Significant dates associated with this performance:

Columbus Day –  October

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